Artist Statement

My paintings are an expression of my personality. Obviously, I value the unexpected! In fact, I plan for it.  I start a collage by splashing different colors directly on the canvas with a big brush. When that dries and it does quickly with acrylics, I paste on sections of newspaper randomly. This first layer is almost always completely covered up by the time I finish a piece except some words or pictures are usually exposed  by chance. This is illustrated in the work “Classroom Pears” where that bit of newsprint shows through. This is the kind a pleasant surprise which I love!


Because I do not plan these paintings ahead of time, only the theme is considered, for instance, like Legend’s Amaretto Cake. From there I have no idea about where the painting will go.  And I paint fast. The papers, glue, stencils, drawings, wallpaper and paint fly everywhere and my studio is a mess.  Going to extremes helps me express my intentions and that that makes me feel good.


I know when a piece is finished when nothing can be added or removed to my satisfaction.  When people see my work, I’d like them to examine the words, numbers, and pictures for the unexpected and unanticipated.  Also, there is just something interesting to me about pears. Actually they remind me of  people with their varied dress and distinctive behavior patterns.


-Carolyn J. Faseler



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